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About Willow Cherry Computer Solutions

About Computer Solutions LLC - Home EmploymentAbout Willow Cherry Computer Solutions

Home Employment for the people, by the people.

Computer Solutions LLC – Home EmploymentMission

Our teams work from home. No commute. No dress code. No politics. Choose who you work for, on which project, no limits. Work full or part-time and bid your own schedule.
  • We have been hiring contractors for a very, very long time. We understand skilled trade professions. At WCCS we work for you, not the other way around. None of us would be here without committed, responsible agents, and we do put our money where our mouth is.
  • We worked for a long time to find the right direction to focus over 20 years in the telecommunications and information technology industries toward network based opportunity.
  • It wasn’t easy to sift through the junk, scams and spam out there, but we did it. If you have internet, a computer, and want to work from anywhere, you can in fact do that and make legit hourly money without dodgy tactics. Who wants to cold call? Not us. And why drive to do something you could be doing from anywhere these days? Some like window seats where we can watch our own children, and be there for our spouses.
  • In the sales, tech support and customer service departments of the largest companies in the world… they completely agree. It’s a win-win and they get a better agent from their customers local neighborhood.
  • Willow Cherry Computer Solutions runs a completely transparent business model. Agents can see anything they choose with our company. It just doesn’t get more legitimate and dependable than the clients we service. As you will see, they never run out of work and won’t anytime soon.

There are a lot of people doing these jobs in brick and mortar buildings while they drive to and from work paying more for less. The food, gas and the home computer with internet you have already isn’t used most of the time (except by your kids which you could be home with).

Liberate yourself. Here you set your own schedule. There are minimum hourly requirements for most clients but when is up to you. All or as little as you can eat = unlimited earning potential. We do this now, and love it.

Most of our agents develop relationships with certain clients they like and stick with them, but as an independent contractor you can work for multiple clients. And a dependable internet connection connected to a computer is all you need. No politics, no limits.

Apply Now - Computer Solutions LLC - Home EmploymentWe don’t have employees, we have partners. Transparent operations achieving common goals.

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