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IBO / CSP Rates – Computer Solutions LLC

Willow Cherry Computer Solutions guarantees the lowest IBO / CSP Rates.

We also lower fees based on your income by default. In addition, all agents maintaining a 3 star rating are automatically charged the minimum.

This way you’re not charged more just because you’re making more revenue on your paycheck.

IBO / CSP Rates - Computer Solutions LLCBelow are our service fees:

9% – Less than $500

8% – $501 – $800

7% – $801+ or 3 star metrics

  • 24/7 Support through email, phone, chat and text message support available.
  • Payroll sent to you twice a month
  • Referral program that offers you a minimum $50 for every CSP you bring in when they use your CSPID#
  • Reimbursement for Client Certification after 90 days.

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If you are already an IBO and just want to partner with us to decrease costs, we provide pass-through options based on your current operations. Our umbrella of professional staff and management team are available to all partners. Reimbursement is from your service fees, starts after 90 days on first active SOW and is paid in full. Receipt of payment is required for the guarantee and/or reimbursement.IBO / CSP Rates - Computer Solutions LLC

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or assistance with our admissions process.


FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsWillow Cherry Computer Solutions has been working with the biggest companies in the telecom industry since before 2006. We have provided project management, operations, engineering, network integration, fiber optics splicing and more. After cell phones came out we continued with turn-key tower construction towards radio technology integration and operations deployment. We have been in the tech industry a very long time.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ ratingNow, with Arise Virtual Solutions (Click logo to see live BBB rating) we support an elite force of agents for the largest companies in the world who get a better, more committed and exceedingly competent agent when and if they need it. Try us either way. It’s a win-win. The projects we have support the agents freedom to choose their own work and hours, providing a highly commitment agent.