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Admissions Process – Switch / Change IBOs or Reinstating Arise Profile

Computer Solutions LLC - Home Employment

Admissions Process

Computer Solutions LLC – Home Employment is a Virtual Service Corporation (VSP) bringing you work at home opportunities providing support to clients via phone, email and/or chat with your computer. Many of the largest companies in the world including telecommunications and internet companies, roadside assistance, home security, major cruise lines,home security, to name a few. Arise Virtual Solutions facilitates certification and is Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating (click here for current rating).

Admissions Process - Switch / Change IBOs within Arise Virtual Solutions to Willow Cherry Computer SolutionsCurrent CSP’s (with an active profile)

Switching your IBO – You may switch from the 7th – 15th and the 22nd  – end of the month (All other dates are blacked out)

Switching your IBO is simple and will not affect your client course or current SOW

If you are currently in contract with another IBO and would like to join our team please follow the instructions below after filling out the application.

  1. Under the ‘My Info’ after you login at, select “Drop/Change IB”
  2. Click on “Request to move to the following IB” (make sure the radio button is checked)
  3. Enter the IBO ID: 61973 and click on “Search” to find Willow Cherry Computer Solutions. You may also use EIN 830463777.
  4. Confirm Willow Cherry Computer Solutions, LLC as your new IBO by clicking “Proceed” to join.
  5. You should get the message “Request submitted successfully!”
  6. Click on “Close”.
  7. We will contact you as soon as we receive your application. You may also reach out to [email protected] or the chat with questions.

Reinstating your Arise Profile (CSP’s with an inactive profile or one that has yet to be used)

If you already have a profile with Arise Virtual Solutions, the system will not allow you to create a new one.

Please complete this form (click on the word form) and submit a request to Arise for reactivation. Also (866) 771-0041 is their support line.

We have ongoing support to ensure your success. You have 24/7 immediate response for all active agents. That means your never alone and can mean a lot especially starting out. We also offer ongoing salary and skills based training. This is only if you want it and is focused on maximizing your hourly rate.

As a contractor for Computer Solutions, LLC  you will be providing customer service as a remote client support professional to support the client(s) of your choice from the comfort of your home, and on your own schedule! You pick the client, as well as the kind of service you would like to provide. No telemarketing, hard selling or cold calling required; inbound calls and chats only.

  • No Commute. No dress code. Work from anywhere.
  • Pick the client(s) of your choice.
  • Work with an IBO you trust.
  • Part-time or Full time. Set your own schedule (Most clients do require a minimum of 15-20 hours per week)


Our most popular phone and/or chat support projects:
  • Customer Support
  • Chat Agents
  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Technical Support
  • Billing Agents
  • Sales and Sales Support

Admissions Process - Switch / Change IBOs within Arise Virtual Solutions to Willow Cherry Computer Solutions

Whether you are a stay at home mom, military spouse, retired, disabled, or a college student we are the right choice for you! By partnering with us you enjoy many great benefits.

  • This is a legitimate opportunity to make an hourly paycheck. Our company charges C2C fee only (See IBO Rates)
  • Training Vouchers (When Available)
  • Client training reimbursements (After 90 days of active employment)
  • Three payroll methods to choose from: Direct deposit, Paypal, and paper check.
  • Actual client contract visibility. This is a transparent operation and we all work together.
  • Notification of new client opportunities
  • You can expect to make between $9 -$19/hr and the average is between 12-13/hr. (Pay rates vary per your choice of client and your performance metrics and ranges are posted for each project)
  • Payroll cycles twice a month. (click here to see our Payroll Calendar)
  • We provide unlimited support and mentoring and are here for you every step of the way through chat, email, phone, text message and more.

The reason this is such a great opportunity is because we contract independently. This allows each remote support professional to choose their own client, and pick their own hours in 1/2 hour increments per week. We do assist vested employees (Reimbursed Certification after 90 days active). When you  start training, you will be emailed your Welcome Packet from our HR department including the paperwork for payroll,contract, etc.

Admissions Process - Switch / Change IBOs within Arise Virtual Solutions to Willow Cherry Computer Solutions

Applicants are required to pay for and pass a background check. Felonies and certain Misdemeanors (fraud) will disqualify you. The cost of this background check is currently $12.95, and ranges from $10-$15.

Did you know that when you go apply at a hiring agency or third party call center that they often make a whole lot of money during your employment? This is because they’re actually getting paid $2-$5 more dollars per hour than the hourly rate that they pay you. We pass-through the entire amount compensated by the client on to our employees. Because of this, we withhold a service fee (based on performance) from each of your bi-weekly paychecks which are direct deposited. This is much more beneficial to you than if we took several dollars off the top of your hourly pay.

Minimum Computer Requirements

Windows Vista is NOT accepted, however Windows XP and Windows 7 and 8 are. Some clients will allow Mac OS.

Internet Connectivity Requirements: High Speed Broadband internet providers such as Cable or DSL internet services are required. Dial-Up, Wireless and Satellite internet services are not permitted to be used.

If a dedicated land-line phone is Required for the project you choose (most do NOT require a land line),  it MUST be a standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone line. This phone line is also known as an analog phone line. You may not use VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone lines, internet phone lines (such as Vonage or Magic Jack), or cell phones to provide service. This phone line must be dedicated to your business with no special features such as call waiting, caller ID, voice messaging/answering machines, or fax services. You will not need long distance service on your dedicated land-line. You will need to have this dedicated land-line in place by the time you start your first client certification course if so required.

Laptop Requirements: You can use your laptop to service clients as long as your laptop meets the minimum computer requirements. You may not use any wireless connections at any time to provide service. Your laptop must be hard wired to a supported internet connection before starting work each shift. (Click here for workstation requirements)

  • Must be at least 18 years old, create your Arise profile, and enter our IBO listed below.
  • Certification requires a quick and easy voice assessment (click here for for instructions)
  • Complete your background check
  • Your computer must meets the minimum system requirements (Click here for workstation requirements)
  • High speed internet such as cable or DSL
  • You will need a headset that plugs into your computer.

NOTE: After completing the application you will be directed to Arise to fill out their application. You will need the ACP ID# 61973 and/or EIN# 83-046-3777 for Willow Cherry Computer Solutions.

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