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Arise Voice Assessment, Background Check Explained

Arise Voice Assessment ExplainedTaking the Arise voice assessment is the first step after you register with Arise.

This is a one-time assessment that you take over the phone through an automated system. It will take around 5 minutes to complete in which you will be asked to repeat sentences and un-scramble sentences. Be sure you are in a quiet environment especially if you are using a cell phone.

You are only able to take this assessment once.

Arise Voice Assessment ExplainedClient Support Professionals (CSPs) and Independent Business Owners need to possess the following key criteria to provide undisputed top performance when servicing our clients:enthusiasm, proper enunciation, voice clarity, appropriate grammar and propensity to follow directives provided. This assessment ensures we select the best CSPs to partner with us.

Before You Start – What You Need to KnowArise Voice Assessment Explained


  • We highly recommend that you play the video above to find out what is expected from you before taking the assessment
  • Do NOT take the test on a speakerphone and make sure you are in a quiet environment
  • The assessment must be taken by the potential Client Support Professional in this profile. Any assessment recorded by a third party will result in the automatic disqualification, from the Arise network, of all parties involved.
  • You will NOT be able to re-record your answers once you complete each question of the assessment
  • You will NOT be able to retake the voice assessment once it is submitted
  • You will not be eligible to continue in the Arise network, if you do not pass the assessment (there is only ONE attempt). Any attempts to circumnavigate this rule will result in automatic profile inactivation.
  • The test can be heard in two parts:
    • Question-building or form a question based on the prompt you will hear

    Example: “Ask me where you live”, you say “Where do you live?”

    • Sentence rearrangement from the scrambled words on your screen

    Example: “You/Where/Are/Going”, you say “Where are you going?”

    The background screening must also be completed after the voice assessment and before CSP101 is an option.

  • It can take from 2 – 48 hours to clear, and can be focused on theft, fraud, felonies or anything that would exclude one from being seen as an individual trustworthy of operations with their customers credit cards billing systems. It is conducted by a third-party and neither Arise or Computer Solutions are able to make exceptions.
  • Then your ready for the next to last step,CSP101! After theCSP101 is completed you can join Willow Cherry Computer Solutions LLC (IBO ID 61973).


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