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A rundown of how Computer Solutions works …

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This is one of those opportunities where you do have to invest to get started, but no, this is not a work at home scam. You should always be cautious if you are ever asked to pay for employment, but this is the exception because it’s an owner/operator contract business that you’re starting. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you essentially have your own business as a customer service professional or ‘CSP’. We partner with Arise who are the middle men that hooks us up with the largest companies in the world you couldn’t approach on your own.

18 Telecommuters TipsFor example if say the ‘largest american phone company’ wanted home agents they would start by announcing a bid for the projects… Only Companies that have made so many million for so many years are invited or considered.

This large volume from THE LARGEST COMPANIES IN THE WORLD, also allows CSP’s to bid their own hours every two weeks and trade up to 48 hours before the time slot. Working for multiple clients of your choice allows a great deal of both responsibility and freedom.

This is where we rise above the other IBO’s, having other ties to these major companies through telecom engineering and operations contracts for over 10 years before work at home ever even became available. We also have other projects not involving Arise but those generally require high end certifications (Comtrain Certification for cell tower climbers for instance is more like college and takes thousands of dollars and months of your time).

What You Do

Just as with any call center or home customer service job, you are providing customer support and/or sales to various businesses. You are not helping us out directly, but rather the clients. The largest, and frankly, most well-known companies use Arise for their customer service staffing needs, as Willow started the company for the disabled. Instead of bothering to hire people directly, these companies simply contract through Arise and we provide the workers.

The work you do will vary depending on the client, but you can expect phone work and possibly even email/chat support. Yes — email and chat support are highly sought after non-phone jobs that are hard to come by, but Arise is one company with many clients that need help with those very things including Data Entry.

How Computer Solutions Works - Tools - Find Out YourselfWhy You Have to Pay

One reason you have to pay is because Arise requires that we incorporate as a business before you can sign up to work for us. They have a rule that they only contract with incorporated entities, so we had to go through the process of creating an independent business (LLC) first. In addition to this, there are other expenses involved in getting started with Arise. A general breakdown of what it cost you to start-up:

National Background Check Fee ($12.95 in most states)
High-Speed Internet Access ($50/month)
Phone Equipment / Headset ($35-100)
Basic Certification Program CSP101 (between $5.. and $99 bucks regular price)

There is a price for the specific company you choose to work for but this is reimbursed. You have to decide which client then look at their current price.

All of the above fees are paid to (and set by) third parties with the exception of the Basic Certification Program fee, which is paid to Arise.

Additionally, Arise deducts a semi-monthly service fee of $19.75 from all agents. This fee will not be deducted until you are actually working and earning money. Why do they charge this fee? Arise states it’s because of the infrastructure they provide to you, which includes accounting services, 24-hour help desk, and their scheduling system.

canstock10753593[1]Getting Around the Fees?

It’s occasionally possible to get around some of the fees when signing up. Sometimes there are promo codes you can take advantage of to go toward the basic certification program so that you’re not having to pay for that either. It might be a good idea to “like” us on Facebook to see when/if they offer any special promotions. Chances are good that you already have high-speed internet and phone equipment, although you’ll need to get a headset if you don’t already have one of those.

Earning Potential and Pay

There is potential to earn good money through Computer Solutions. They quote between $9 and $20 per hour depending on a variety of different things, including the client you are working for as well as possible performance incentives and bonuses. They pay you twice monthly.

How Computer Solutions Works - Tools - Find Out YourselfThe Application Process

So if you want to do this, how do you start? First, you have to look over the contract, go through an assessment so they can verify that your computer and voice proficiency, etc. are on par with what they need and so they can understand your skills, which may help them with matching you to their clients. Then, pay for your background check and wait for the results to come back. If your background check is OK, you can go ahead and enroll in the e-certification program which you’ll have seven days to complete. You will also need to be signed up under Computer Solutions ( IBO 61973 ). Arise will additionally need to verify that you have all the equipment you need to meet their standards in order to do the job. There is a requirements link on the menu for this website but dont think you need a land line – most clients do not require them.

Equipment You’ll Need

  • High speed internet
  • Basic telephone service through a dedicated line (most clients do not require them)
  • Headset

How Computer Solutions Works - Tools - Find Out YourselfScheduling

Arise is known for being extremely flexible, and frankly, that why Computer Solutions exists. However, they do require that you put in a minimum of 15 hours of work each week. The exact hours available you can grab will of course depend on the client, but there are usually options around the clock and all throughout the week, so you may be able to work things around your desired schedule.

Independent Contractor or Employee?

You are considered an Independent Contractor, so taxes are your responsibility.

What locations are eligible?

You can get work through Arise if you are in the U.S. with the exception of California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, and Oregon. If you are from Canada or the United Kingdom, you can go here to register with their sister company.


Feedback is always very important. It’s good to get a general idea what experiences others have had before signing up, so check out more reading material below. Maybe reading through the following (on the forums, note the date of each thread because some may provide outdated info):

How Computer Solutions Works - Tools - Find Out YourselfBottom Line

Computer Solutions makes it very, very clear that they offer independent contracts and not ’employment’. As a customer service professional, you can use us to get clients. As with any home business, there are costs involved in getting started but there are no start up fee’s charged by Computer Solutions LLC.

Obviously, not everyone is going to be able to afford to do this. We would certainly not recommend it unless you have some faith that it will work as well as the money to invest in everything required. However it’s possible at any given time to work around most or some of the fees.

I have been researching legit work at home opportunities for several years now and what I am seeing over and over is that, fees or no fees, lots of people are successfully working at home thanks to this company. This is why we decided to go ahead and do a write up here to provide info about it as well as some other resources for further information so you can look everything over and decide whether or not this is for you.

We are simply providing info about it as a jumping off point for you to make your own decision. Computer Solutions was created for families, that want to work an honest day, and to get a fair chance among all the scams. In a few years most of these type jobs will be done from home, and its very obvious why to everyone either staffing these positions or working them.