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Willow Cherry Computer Solutions Events and Payroll Calendar

How and when do you get paid? How do we get paid? We prefer direct deposit to your bank because it’s faster for you. We do offer payroll via mailed paper check if you prefer.Willow Cherry Computer Solutions Events and Payroll Calendar

The Payroll Calendar contains a listing of future paydays. Each period starts on the 1st (ending on the 15th, and processed on the 23rd of the same month) and 16th (ending on the last day of the month and processed on the 9th day of the following month) of each month. The 9th and 23rd dates listed are for direct deposit unless those dates fall on a weekend. If you request a paper check, payroll is processed the business day before the direct deposit dates listed on this calendar. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions. Click to Chat live 10AM – 7PM EST Mon – Fri or leave a message after hours.

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