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General Call Center Job Description

General Call Center Job DescriptionGeneral Call Center Job Description

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The call center job description provides a clear understanding of the call center agent’s role in both inbound call centers and the outbound call center. The call center function varies from one industry to the next but there are tasks and skills common to most call center jobs regardless of company specifics.

This detailed job description can be adapted to suit your specific job requirements.


Inbound Call Center job description

General Call Center Job Description

General Purpose: Answer incoming calls from customers to take orders, answer inquiries and questions, handle complaints, troubleshoot problems and provide information.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • answer calls and respond to emails
  • handle customer inquiries both telephonically and by email
  • research required information using available resources
  • manage and resolve customer complaints
  • provide customers with product and service information
  • enter new customer information into system
  • update existing customer information
  • process orders, forms and applications
  • identify and escalate priority issues
  • route calls to appropriate resource
  • follow up customer calls where necessary
  • document all call information according to standard operating procedures
  • complete call logs
  • produce call reports

Education and ExperienceGeneral Call Center Job Description

  • high school diploma or equivalent
  • proficient in relevant computer applications
  • required language proficiency
  • knowledge of customer service principles and practices
  • knowledge of call center telephony and technology
  • some experience in a call center or customer service environment
  • good data entry and typing skills
  • knowledge of administration and clerical processes

Key CompetenciesGeneral Call Center Job Description

  • verbal and written communication skills
  • listening skills
  • problem analysis and problem solving
  • customer service orientation
  • organizational skills
  • attention to detail
  • judgment
  • adaptability
  • team work
  • stress tolerance
  • resilience

Outbound Call Center Job Description (Computer Solutions does NOT do any cold calling or outbound, period)

General Purpose

Interact by phone with outside parties to solicit orders for goods or services, request donations, make appointments, collect information or conduct follow-up.

Main Job Tasks and ResponsibilitiesGeneral Call Center Job Description

  • contact businesses or private individuals by phone
  • deliver prepared sales scripts to persuade potential customers to purchase a product or service or make a donation
  • describe products and services
  • respond to questions
  • identify and overcome objections
  • take the customer through the sales process
  • obtain customer information
  • obtain possible customer leads
  • maintain customer/potential customer data bases
  • follow up on initial contacts
  • complete records of telephonic interactions, orders and accounts

Education and ExperienceGeneral Call Center Job Description

  • high school diploma or equivalent
  • proficient in relevant computer applications and call center systems
  • good typing skills
  • knowledge of sales principles and methods
  • proven track record in sales
  • required language skills

Key Competencies

  • communication skills
  • persuasiveness
  • problem solving
  • adaptability
  • tenacious
  • negotiation skills
  • stress tolerance
  • high energy level

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Latest Update – Call Center Salary reports that the average salary for US-based Call Center Agent job postings on the site is $27,000 as of October 2014.