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How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from Home

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Hilarious, but this is not a bad example of normal call flow. Since we also service chat agents, there is a chat explanation video below as well.

How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from HomeThis page should be reviewed for people who aren’t sure yet if being a full time agent the career for them.

Working for a call center is a job that is considered by many a way to build up savings for university or a step towards something else, but it does offer a great career if you play your cards right. Liberate yourself!

How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from HomeSteps & How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from Home

  1. Understand what the job involves. Working from home for a call center requires discipline to follow the schedule you set, communication skills and the ability to multitask. You will have to help out customers while following your company’s policies, and you will need to build up character to deal with upset and difficult customers. This results in more understanding and empowerment to help and achieve common goals.
  2. Learn to use a computer. You need to be comfortable with most desktop environments and be able to type fast on a computer. Also, you need to know enough about a computer that using new software takes the shortest time for you to adapt yourself.
  3. Develop your communication skills. You need to work on speaking slowly, without stuttering, using a professional tone of voice that reassures and calms down the customer, to show them that you are in control of the situation. Remember : you are the person to help out the customer. The customer does not have control of the call as they are calling for help and therefore do not know as much about your company and the system you use as you.
  4. Learn to be on time. This may not seem very important especially when your setting your own schedule, but call centers are very strict on punctuality and it effects your pay. You need to arrive at work on time (most call centers will require you to come early to log in to your system or get ready to take calls) and take your breaks when you schedule them. This allows the call center to run with a maximum of agents ready and available to take calls at all times.
  5. Stay up to date with your company’s activities. Whether you work for a bank or a cellphone company, it is essential to be aware of the latest changes in the policies or the products offered. If your supervisors don’t let you know about some changes, they might assume that it is your job to keep yourself updated (and they’re right). Frequently check your client company’s website and the internal memos that are sent to you.
  6. How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from HomeTake time to breathe. Working on a call center pace can be very demanding, both emotionally and intellectually. Go out with your friends on the weekends, stay with your family and generally take time to yourself whenever you can. Obviously this company is focused on time with your family, but even if you’re the shy type, try to have social interaction outside of your home office work-space. This will allow you some distance, which is necessary for a good performance at work and connect with people elsewhere with lives of their own too.
  7. Learn from your supervisors. They did your job before and they know how hard it can get. Even though they can seem distant at times as they have to deal with a lot of agents, try to talk to them if you have chats together and ask them advice on how to get better at your job. Most of the time your an agents performance effects their pay so they will be glad to help you.
  8. Work! The job might seem hard enough at first that you’ll want to quit. Don’t let it bother you. Try to complete your training and then work a few months. Understand that if you only stay a few weeks at the job, you won’t be able to put it on your resume as it will make you look unprofessional. So don’t waste your time by quitting too soon. After a few months, you’ll get the hang of it and will master the software as well as the customer service part of the job perfectly. But you have to give it time and work on it. Its not a free ride but you can write your own ticket.

How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from HomeTIPS

  • Don’t take anything customers tell you personally. Life is like a box of chocolates, and to one customer, you may “only” be someone who speaks on the phone. They may not always be respectful to you and might treat you like you’re a machine because they have been navigating the automated menu. Usually if they are not treated this way in return you can not only fix the issue but the customer too. This is one of the most rewarding feelings about the career. But if you go through a particularly difficult call, take a few seconds to breathe if you can, smile and move on to the next call.
  • How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from HomeDon’t overwork yourself just because you can. Too much work and not enough fun may lead you to a burn out, which is a type of depression that IS serious. Balance your life so you don’t get too involved in your work to the detriment of your well-being.
  • This cannot be stressed enough, but a contractor sets their own hours. So DON’T OVERWORK YOURSELF. The better your mood when you come in to work, the better your performance. Work smarter not harder.
  • Smile while taking calls. You can hear when someone is smiling when they’re talking, and it makes customers a lot nicer. Obviously it won’t be of much use if the customer is really angry but it will help you with more mundane calls and sometimes you can brighten both the customers day and yours.
  • Every client you work for can be different. If you feel like the job in itself suits you but that your client doesn’t, consider switching clients. With us you can work with whom you choose as long as you honor the 90 day commitment, and there are no shortages of major fortune 500 companies with 800 numbers and phone support. Call center jobs are plentiful but in general, working for a big company is more stressful but also more rewarding (be it financially or professionally), even though these jobs can require previous experience in customer service, sales or technical support.
  • Be compassionate. You may receive calls from relay service agents (the hearing-impaired customer talks to them through a chat and they read it out to you, then type in everything you say), from people who just lost a family member, from people with disabilities… You’ll get all sorts of customers. This is one of the fascinating and rewarding aspects of customer service but it does require empathy and understanding, and sometimes forgiveness. Don’t be discouraged, though! Empathy is not something you’re born with but something you learn. This career literally trains and develops this skill. Empathy is one of THE most important things in life and fosters learning, rapport and a general understanding of the people and world around you not to mention yourself. You’ll get the hang of it with time and you have to try, but it brings hidden gifts in life as a whole and is totally worth it. The rewards are not just financial but the money sure is nice. 🙂

If you have read this, thoroughly investigated the opportunity and still want to apply, we are here for you.

How to: Telecommuting Call Center Agent from Home

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