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Referral Bonus program for Arise & Willow Cherry Computer Solutions

Referral Bonus program for Arise & Willow Cherry Computer SolutionsWillow Cherry Computer Solutions Referral Program

We are always looking for good people, & pass the Referral Bonus Program for Arise straight to you. Research has shown, and our own experience supports that new hires that come into a company through employee referrals are excellent contributors, stay with the company longer and are a more effective agent.

That’s where you come in! If you know someone who would be a good addition to your team and they meet the qualifications, it may be worth up to $150 if you refer them, and the average is $50 per agent you refer after they complete their first SOW. Regardless, we always pass bonuses through to our independent agents (that’s you!).

Keep reading for more details and eligibility requirements…

Your referral(s) must:

•Enter your CSPID as the referrer when they create their profile at
•Complete the Admissions process within ten (10) days of creating their profile.
◦The ten (10) days to complete Admissions includes the time it may take to reset one’s Profile
due to any inactivation.
•Become fully enrolled in a client program opportunity within five (5) days after completing the
Admissions process.
◦Please note, if the CSP drops, fails, or is cancelled (voluntarily or involuntarily) from the course
they will not have met the eligibility requirements.
•If the referred CSP meets all of the above requirements and becomes contracted on a client program
for 30 days immediately after becoming certified, the referring IB will receive up to $100*.
*The CSP must continue to meet Arise and client metrics.

FAQsFAQ 3 Blocks

Q: How are incentive payments made?
A: By direct deposit to your preferred payment method.

Q: Can CSPs refer CSPs from any state?
A: CSPs can refer CSPs from any state with the exclusion of CA, MD, OR, CT, NY, MA and WI.

Q: Do I have to live in one of the participating states to refer a CSP from that state?
A: No, this referral program is OPEN TO ANY IB IN ALL STATES.

Q: How soon after the referral meets all the program criteria can my CSP
expect the referral revenue?
A: On average, it takes a referral 3-5 days to complete the Admissions Process, 1 week to become fully
enrolled and 1 month to complete certification. After the referral completes certification they must service for 30 days.
Therefore, it may take 2—3 months to receive the referral revenue. Often agents in fact get a bonus but did not even know about it! We appreciate you choosing us as your IBO, and put money where our mouth is.

•This version of the Referral Program replaces any previous versions and is valid beginning 2015.
•Willow Cherry Computer Solutions reserves the right to make necessary changes to the Referral Program at any time with fair notification.
•The ten (10) days to complete Admissions includes the time it may take to reset one’s Profile due to any Inactivation.
Kind regards,
Human Resources Department
[email protected]
Willow Cherry Computer Solutions, LLC