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Human Resources Department

Human Resources departmentWillow Cherry Computer Solutions

Human Resources Department

This page includes the on boarding packet (this includes the w9 and direct deposit forms), and a helpful information and resources. All information and documents you will need to hire on and get on the payroll are located on this page.

On boarding Packet

It is an exciting time as you get prepared to start training and servicing your first client. Before we can put you on the payroll and you can start selecting your schedule in the Starmatic System we need to ensure all proper documentation and your preferred method of payment is complete and in the accounting systems.

Please be sure to fill out all required forms included in this packet for Human Resources to process your information. 


You will find the W-9 form  to be filled out and returned.

Please return this form before your first scheduled day in the Starmatic System.  You will also receive a 1099 form for tax purposes by January 31st of each year serviced for this independent contract position. We use Intuit for processing all payroll because they are fast, and have secure online access. All your check stubs are available to you directly, anytime.

Instructions are included with the form. Part 1 of the form requests TIN or SSN. If you do not have a tax ID number, list your social security number in this field. As you will be working for yourself, this is prefered by the IRS. 


Direct Deposit Form

Be sure to include a voided (Cancelled) check from your checking   account and/or a deposit slip for your savings account, whichever is applicable. The details from the check / deposit slip will be used to verify the account details only.

Once you have completed all forms please submit them to our Human Resources department: 

E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 720-269-8966

***Note: Your completed payment method authorization form and Form W-9 must be submitted before your first scheduled date in Starmatic or your payment could be delayed. All payroll services are checked and guaranteed by Intuit.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions/concerns please feel free to chat the HR department live, send us an email, text or give us a call.

Thank you,
Human Resources Department

Download (PDF, 110KB)

Download (PDF, 89KB)

Helpful information and resources

Now that you are part of the team its time to start enjoying the freedom of working from home. This packet will provide you with helpful tips and resources. Remember, YOU are in control of how successful you become.
The keys to the success of a Work at home Professional are as follows:
  •  Self-motivated 
  •  Professional and capable of providing a high level of service 
  •  Positive and optimistic 
  • Punctual and dependable
When choosing a client opportunity from the portal, please be sure to read all course details such as certification completion details, program equipment requirements and any additional information posted to ensure you meet all requirements before committing to your preferred client. 
Training: Your training will be conducted via a virtual Adobe classroom. Once you have selected your client you will receive detailed information regarding times, dates and how to prepare for your first day of class. You may also have self led  “homework” outside of the classroom to complete each day. You must be self-sufficient and able to ensure you take notes, and more notes if needed! Training will ensure you learn the client systems, procedures, and requirements to be prepared to start servicing.*You are not limited to one client. If at any time you would like to change clients you will need to complete you current statement of work. You are also free to service more than one client at a time as long as you aren’t training for two clients at once and as long as there is no conflict of interest between clients. 
Attendance: Attendance is a vital part of your commitment from training throughout your tenure with your selected clients. It will play a huge part in your overall metrics and success in your new career. Schedule adherence is one of the most important metrics as the client will depend on you to service when you have scheduled to do so. Be sure you can maintain your schedule adherence throughout your selected certification course as attendance can and will affect certification completion. Attendance is equally important once you are servicing your clients. You now have the power to choose your own schedule. Make sure you meet at least the minimum requirements for your client. 
Metrics: Metrics will be another important part of servicing your clients(s). Always strive to do your best. Not only will it secure your position with your client but it could also determine whether you receive incentives and bonuses. (Depending on your client) Each client will have different metrics such as ACW (After call waiting), AHT (Average handle time) and attendance. You will receive information on the expected metrics during training and receive assistance throughout to ensure you meet those metrics. 
SOW: (Statement of Work) This will be our legally binding contract with you and your client. Most SOWS will last 90 days (or until the end of the specific quarter when joining.) 
Pay: We pay bi-monthly directly to your preferred payment methodYou will receive a separate email with instructions for ensuring we have the information in our systems before you begin receiving revenue.  We will send your payment to your preferred payment method on the 9th and 24th day of each month. Each pay period is determined from the 1st to the 15th (Paid on the following 24th) and the 16th to the last day of the month (Paid on the following 9th). If a pay date falls on a weekend the pay will be deposited on the following Monday. If selecting direct deposit it can take 1-3 business days to receive your deposit (depending on your bank). You can also check the payroll calendar here.
Check stubs:  Keep in mind this is a 1099 contract position. You will be responsible for withholding your taxes. There are several websites that offer free tax calculators to ensure you are setting enough taxes aside from each pay period. You will receive your check stub the same day payroll goes out to your preferred payment method from Intuit.

Referral bonus: We offer a $50 referral bonus for each newly certified CSP you refer who works 30 consecutive days after certification. (In order to receive the referral fee, the Client Support Professional you refer must enter your CSP ID at the time of creating his or her profile.)

While we do not provide our contractors with healthcare or 401K retirement plans we do have a list of providers and networks we can provide to you as a possible alternative below.
We also have a Corporate Perks program for our CSPs.
*Registration is free and you can save lots of money.
Thank you,
Willow Cherry Computer Solutions, LLC
Human Resources Department