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1. I will be responsible for passing the Voice Assessment after Registering with Arise Virtual Solutions.

2. I will be required to pay Arise Virtual Solutions for a background screening (usually $7.98) and pass before I can join the Willow Cherry Computer Solutions IBO who does not charge any start up fees.

3. I understand that the certification cost charged by Arise will be reimbursed by Computer Solutions after my first 90 days of active service. (see latest listings here)

4. I understand that I will be an independent contractor (1099) working from home and service fees will be deducted from my payroll.

5. I will be committed for a minimum of 20 hours per week, to each contract (SOW) for the client(s) of my choice.

6. Upon applying with Computer Solutions I agree with the non-disclosure / confidentiality protecting you (us), and our clients.

We never have and never will allow anyone else to use our members information. It is kept strictly confidential and used only within our Human Resources department. Privacy Policy

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